The people behind

The people behind  – meet Louise Hye and Claus Hvass

Together we have many years of experience in graphic design, branding, communication, 3D, VR, film and technology.

Since we started macvaerk more than 25 years ago and it matters 11 years ago, we have worked to become better at helping our customers – every single day. This is why we are in a completely different place today than we were back then. The core is still the credible story, but the terms, the media, the concepts and the way of communicating are new and constantly evolving. We have the necessary experience to be able to maintain the common thread in our customer’s visual communication both online and offline, B2B and B2C.

Louise has a background as a graphic designer and takes care of everything visually and content: building up brands, designs, and preserves and continues graphic identities and she is often used as a design police, constantly keeping an eye on that our customers can be recognized no matter where they appear.

Claus is passionate about emerging technologies and design with no frontiers. He applies over 25 years of experience to help organizations take new ideas and transform them into revenue generating products and solutions. He has managed small to large, complex projects for Fortune 500 companies. He takes bold and creative measures from conception to tangible completion. He has a background in 3D and photography and with his playful approach to the underlying technology. Claus builds worlds in both 3D and VR, Web, produces films and audio among many.

Together we are the best team with the combination of a strong aesthetic sense and the heavy technical insight. If there is something we do not have the skills for, we have a number of partners that we have worked with for many years; for example experts in SoMe, photographers and copywriters.

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